Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Fun Thing You Can Do At Sentosa Singapore

By: Ethan Ong
Once you get off the bus at Sentosa Singapore you will be invaded by a whole host of options of how you will be spending the rest of the day there. Whether you are a parent with your kids, lovebirds, singles, young adults, there are so many things you can and this article will discuss some of the exciting activities that await you.

Ride the cable car and be on top of the world. Do not just settle for the images on postcards, see all the splendour of Sentosa for yourself as you slowly reach the peak of the escarpment and the ride takes you a few hundred feet in the air!

Breathe out in wonder as you see the beautiful clouds melt into the ocean, the island in all its splendour and the view of Singapore as only your eyes can behold. The best thing is, the price if fairly cheap and one cable car can accommodate an entire family.

Have you ever been on the luge? This is an experience like other. The luge is a make shift ride without wheels down a slippery slope. Get up to speed as you ride through tight turns and an obstacle course straight out of an F1 drawing board.

You cannot beat this for the most electrifying minutes of your life and once you do get down to the finishing line, a second trip is served to you via a sky lift that will life you back to the starting line for another round of non stop action.

Play mini golf. One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Sentosa is to play a game of mini golf on a course that has 18 holes. Avoid water moats, sand pits and tricky lanes and gates as you try to manoeuvre the golf ball to the all important hole.

With enough practice you will be an expert as you journey all the way to the challenging last hole – which I will let you find out for yourself. This is wholesome family fun for everyone and even teenagers and young adults are not left out.

This is a beach and what will you do without some beach fun activities? Wake board, wind surf and splash around in the cool waters of Sentosa’s many beaches. Play an assortment of games like beach volleyball, soccer, touch rugby and even a cool game of water polo. Whether you are a tiny tot or an aged retiree, the water’s open nature of fun and relaxation will definitely beckon to you.

You can also unwind at any one of the beach bars scattered all over the sandy sides of the beach, from small shacks and quaint huts to world class beach bars like Cafe Del Mar and KM8. Sip on your pina coloda and let the sun bronze you and slowly watch as the sun is replaced by the disco lights. In Sentosa Singapore, there is always something to do, no matter what time of the day!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bangkok Attractions

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By: Linchy X

Bangkok has many fabulous attractions which make excellent day trips. One of the most popular day trips from Bangkok is the 110 km trip to the picturesque Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which is in Ratchaburi province.

Bangkok is famous for its floating markets. You will find them at Ton Khem, and there are others at Hia Kui and Khun Phitak.

Organised tours to Damnoen Saduak will probably also include a visit the Rose Garden and the chedi at Nakhon Pathom.

The Rose garden is set in large landscaped tropical gardens but is mostly visited for the cultural show that s put on there Thai traditional dance, Buddhist ordination ceremony, muay thai (Thai boxing), elephants at work, and takraw (a common sport in Thailand).

Also in the grounds is a luxury riverside resort, thousands of rose bushes and hundreds of exotic birds. Close to Rose Garden are the Thai Human Imagery Museum and the Samphran Elephant Park.

The human imagery museum is a Thai Madame Tussauds with images of famous monks and all the Chakri dynasty kings.

The Elephant park has a variety of elephant and crocodile shows ( featuring these animals wrestling, performing in various ways, including tug of war).

Nakhon Pathom, around 60 km west of Bangkok, is a town famous as the reputedly the oldest in Thailand and the place where Buddhist missionaries first entered Thailand from India. It is a typical provincial Thai town with only the gold encrusted Phra Pathom Chedi giving a clue as to its celebrated past.

This is a massive 127m high, making it the word s largest Buddhist monument, and the most important in all of Thailand. As well as the main chedi, there are numerous bots, Buddha images and other structures nearby. This area is mostly visited either on a day tour from Bangkok, or sometimes on route to Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanaburi is home to the River Kwai and its infamous bridge. The building of the bridge in 1943 was part of a wartime project to link existing Thai and Burmese railway lines to create a direct route from Bangkok, Thailand to Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar) in an effort to support the Japanese occupation of Burma.

Over 100,000 conscripted laborers and 12,000 prisoners of war died during the whole project.

To the northeast of Bangkok in Minburi are both the Suwan Siam Water Park and the Safari World Park. Easy to combine in one day trip, the water park is set in large landscaped gardens and has surf, whirlpools, fountains, waterfalls, large water slides and flumes.

Other family attractions here are children s playgrounds, colorful aviaries, an open zoo and botanical gardens.

With more than 150 acres, Safari World is the largest wildlife park in Southeast Asia. There are almost a hundred different animal species, including giraffes, zebras, elephants, lions and tigers.

The marine section has trained dolphin shows and an aviary section with eagles, macaws and parrots. There are various shows available (including dolphins, birds, seals and monkeys).

This is best visited on a tour, as the wildlife section is for vehicles only. Though the park also has coaches you can go through on, most taxi drivers can be persuaded to take you through it if pay them a little more for it. The other sections can be visited on foot.

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Travel and Put Aside Money

By: Mike Vasquez

Travel services are also affected by every other economic change that occurs in any country at any time. As the dollar falls and gas prices go up so does the expenses involved in traveling go through the roof. This article will be discussing about the pros and cons of budget traveling and how limited resources can still allow for a worthwhile traveling experience.

The increase in the price of gas causes a direct increase in the charges given for excess baggage and additional charges can be given by travel providers for seating requests. It is inevitable that some people ask about their chances of traveling amidst the current economic situation. Considering a budget to be present when making travel plans here are some suggestions for a memorable vacation.

A traveler can become a local tourist where he or she explores and have the opportunity to travel to the places in his or her town which he or she has never seen before. Local travel should be a priority for there is much value that can be attained from experiencing the local sights. It is a good thing to ask others about where to go locally or a traveler can do an online search for such destinations.

A person should travel to a jump off city so that he or she can experience multiple travel plans under a single trip. For example, a trip to states like Las Vegas can include a trip to the Grand Canyon as well as the latter is only a few hours drive away from the former. Plenty of cities like the previous example are easy to access allowing for travel plans to be maximized.

If it is possible then a traveler should also consider taking travel flights that pass through the regional airports. Not only are they easy to go to but regional airports also offer savings when it comes to their cheap flight ticket offers. More activities on a trip can be experienced by a traveler who saves some money by using the regional airports when he or she flies.

If it is possible then a traveler should try renting a home or an apartment for any travel plan which is intended to last for quite some time. It is not a new thing for hotels to charge more for similar services that can easily be acquired from apartment or home rentals. The great thing when it comes to apartment living is that a traveler can experience the sights as a local.

For the traveler who wants to book a hotel reservation then there are a number of budget hotels that he or she can travel to. The boutique hotels are smaller hotels that have the same services for much cheaper rates than the big hotels. In this case the traveler not only saves some money but is also able to have the means to spend on different activities as he or she travels.

There are some establishments who may charge extra expenses for the traveler to incur and so it is always a good thing to know what is being charged. It is inevitable for people who travel to encounter these hidden charges as this is the way most establishments make a little extra income. A person can prevent falling prey to this scam of hidden charges of he or she knows how to communicate with the establishments about anything he or she finds questionable.

Whenever feasible any establishment should not deny a client with a list stating all possible charges for any services attained. When the traveler sees something he or she does not agree with then the traveler can contact the establishment for an explanation. When people work on a budget travel plans can be maximized by considering these suggestions.

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